How to find your shoe size?

First of all, you have to precisely measure your foot, to find your perfect size.

Insole lengths shown in sizing charts are only approximate and you have to remember that they might differ – depending from brand and manufacturer – around 3 to 7 mm.

Please, note that for people with wider foot shoes with thinner shape of the upper should be choosen with a little bit bigger size than the table suggests.

Below you can find few practical hints grouped by shoe style:

Summer footwear, ie. flip flops or sandals should by rather tight-fitted to the foot and you shouldn’t add much of a spare room – we suggest to buy shoes with the same insole length as your foot length.

Trainers should be a little bit bigger – around 0,5 cm longer insole than foot length – to provide optimal comfort of wearing.

Winter boots (especially with breathing/waterproof membrane) should have around 0.5 – 1.0 cm of spare room to allow proper functioning of membranes. Boots shouldn’t be tight-fitted – it might reduce their physical properties.

Remember that even if size you ordered is not the right choice, you can always replace your product with another one.

If you feel consufes about choosing the right size, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help :)

Quick way to measure your foot:

1) put A4 sized piece of paper on the floor and place your foot on it,
2) outline shape of your foot,
3) repeat previous steps for another foot,
4) measure both outlines (in centimeters) – check length of straight line between the most distant points of toes and heel,
5) while choosing your footwear size, consider only measurements of your bigger foot,
6) add around 0.5 cm to the result of your measurement.